Family Therapy Approach

There are cases in which the therapeutic intervention must be done to the whole family, or at least, at the child expressing an intense symptom and the parents at the same time (if other siblings do not need to be involved). This approach follows the holistic model of psycho-somatic health.

This should happen because we consider the family a live organism which constantly conveys through its members energy and information. The information alone is of communicational type. The relationships developed are never accidental but are determined from beliefs which are kept in conscious or unconscious level. The psycho-emotional state of the members of the family emerges from the whole of the relationships developed. The family as a system tends to keep its balance or to lean towards inversion when there is a need of redefining. Interactions between members are equally – if not more – important than the acting members. Understanding of the behavior of a member of the family would be very poor independently from the behavior of the rest. On account of this, many times, object of the therapy is the system of the relationships developed and not the incidental behavior of the members, which constitutes mere outbursts.

A disease or some psycho-emotional tension of some members is a symptom which indicates that the whole system needs support. The diseases, psychic or physical, expressed, might have their origin in deeper issues each member or more members simultaneously carry. Any symptoms should be exonerated as well as the members who engage in expressing them in order to inflict the misbalance. One who brings up to surface a problem and rings a bell, steps out of the role of the “problematic” one, since one expresses not a personal problem but an issue concerning the whole system of the family. By acting this way one simultaneously gives feedback, in order to inform of the kind of the underlying problem. For example, a child who “wets” his bed at night perhaps indicates fear towards the father. Manifestation of dyslexia to a child usually means communicational gap between the parents, which is expressed as inability of cooperation of right and left hemispheres of the brain, that is of yin and yang. Definitely, being part of a specific family context means something for the person or the choices of one’s soul. Each one knows where one needs to be and what needs to learn wherever one finds oneself.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the energy “fortune” each person carries on one’s aura is so potent that influences the genetic material. This influence, if not cured, ends up running in families (almost obligatory, informing that there is some information which the carriers need to realize and release) and show up as tendency or sensitivity. Common diseases which appear to the members of a family usually have to do with similar systems, organs and, in bottom line, chakras and information.

After all, traditional medicine admits not being effective enough in dealing with a disease by only curing its symptoms. We ought to follow the problem until locating its root and eradicate this latter. We abandon the notion of linear causality. We finally adopt a holistic and relational perception of the world and interfere permanently. 

Mardaki Olga 

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