Yin - Yang Therapy

   Special Yin-Yang séances contribute to the activation, liberation, growth and modulation of the two opposite energies: the feminine Yin (water) and the masculine Yang (fire).
   These energies coexist in every person and should always be balanced. Sometimes they are in a latent condition, unable to be expressed because of negative information one might be carrying (childhood traumas, fears, low self-esteem, failure of sex identification etc.) or they are develop in an unbalanced way.
   In this case one energy quality prevails upon the other, a fact which creates troublesome situations to the people of both sexes. In such cases we could encounter men with excess of Yin energy or women with excess of Yang energy. It is self-evident that both are imbalanced situations and can lead to weakness of development and expression of the natal energy, failure of acceptance and identification with one’s sex, difficulty in creating healthy relationships, difficulty in obtaining familial happiness as well as disability of procreation.
   The chakras more involved with the Yin-Yang imbalance are the 2nd and the 4th. This results in man experiencing psycho-emotional situations concerning these energetic centers such as sorrow, melancholy, fear of betrayal, feelings of unworthiness, inability to open ones heart towards ones partner, envy, emotional instability, failure of expressing ones feelings, asperity, fear of rejection, egoistic “love”, alienation etc. If the negative information one bears manifests itself physically, then one can erupt diseases of the urogenital system, impotence, coolness as far as women are concerned, articulation stiffness, constipation, holding of liquid, menstruation problems, aversion towards sex, marital unfaithfulness, sexual deviations or pervasions, denial of gender, venereal diseases and substance addictions.
   Yin-Yang therapies are especially conducted in order to sanitize the above situations. They coordinate the two opposing energies, relieve from negative energy which has been stored, unleash from emotional burden, enhance the development of the natal energies, contribute to the creation of healthy relationships with the opposite sex and lead to marital happiness. 

Mardaki Olga 

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