What is the disease

Fate and health are interdependent. Thought is material, energy follows the thought; this is why one lives as one thinks. In accordance with one’s words are one’s acts and one’s whole life hereupon. If we consider that the man’s physical body is only the screen behind which take place various elaborations at different levels, then it can be understood that the disease begins at the thin bodies and indicates bad management of energy and information, which leads to bio-impediments. The man’s soul carries information which is stored away at the energo-informational field of the aura. Accidental impediments in the interaction with the universal consciousness provoke accumulation of negative dynamics to the corresponding energy bodies. The points of the aura which carry badly processed information and energy are conceived by man like thoughts or feelings, but they can also be unconscious. Depending on the level on which the information is kept, it is connected with different levels of consciousness and has different import and influence on a man’s life. This information is also carried to the descendents, creating family karmic burden.

Before the appearance and fitting of the disease, the body tends to send its messages in order to inform of the existing imbalance. The man should not rush to get rid of them, but try to interpret them; otherwise he is only holding off their elaboration to a preceding life. The manifestation, at last, of the disease is the best choice of balance when the man cannot manage the information correctly; therefore the riddance of the disease is hard, because the organism prefers to maintain its state of stability, no matter how problematic this may be. That is to say, the disease is a compromise between the inner and the outer, a kind of adaptation to the world. Any chronic disease is a disorder from the invasion of negative energy at the thin bodies of the man’s field and its stay there for many years. A severe or recurrent disease indicates that the man has deviated from his purpose and has edged away from his dharma, which means that he has not understood the aim of his present incarnation. If he moves the wrong way in his life, then he receives pain, disease and adversities. 

Mardaki Olga 

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