Aura Photography

Photography method of the human aura and diagnosis of the energetic state

The consequence of all energy bodies of man constitutes his aura. Any such layer derives from the operation of the corresponding energy center (chakra) and is a manifestation of different quality of matter. Aura may extend up to two meters from the physical body and contains information of the man’s physical and psycho-emotional situation, his spirituality and the level of consciousness at which he functions.

Crownscopy is a method of depicting and analyzing the aura for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. It is based on the Kirlian effect and more specifically on the crown of the fingertips in relation to the energetic meridians of the body.

  1. Initially, reception of the crowns is made with the special camera. The complement of the energetic layers is obvious, or, otherwise, the gaps of wispy discontinuities reflect problems to specific organs of the body. 

  1. Energy distribution: A diagram of energy distribution of the systems of the human body as well as of the individual organs of each system is provided.

  1. Biorhythms: Biorhythms of the organism, which are applied since birthday, are provided.

  1. Energetic state: The depiction of the aura and its quality are emerged. Also, points and organs of energy loss or disease are highlighted. It should be indicated that the information given may sometimes regard diseases not yet manifested, thus having preventive value.

  1. Energetic centers: Chakras, their position, the possible deviation that might have, as well as their fullness of functioning are portrayed.

  1. Cosmic channels: Areas and organs that might have excess energy consumption or energy loss are illustrated. Finally, therapeutic recommendations regarding the respective organs are made. This is about energetic frequencies (cosmic channels) that have specialized effect on the indicated organs.
Mardaki Olga

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